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Did you know---how a water softener works? It's quite simple actually. Performance of a water softener depends on two components. The resin bed is used to clean the water, and the precision equipment that cleans the resin.

What makes one softener better than another? The amount of resin and the type of control valve.

And how does it work? The control valve routes the water flow through the system. Hard water flows thru the resin bed to become soft. During regeneration, water flow is reversed to clean the resin.

So why do we need salt?  Inside the tank, you add salt (or potassium from potassium chloride)  to make brine. (Salt dissolves in the water that fills the tank) Brine is pulled through the resin in order to regenerate the resin so it can soften more water.

Yes, it's that simple.


SmartChoiceThe SmartChoice™ Premium Water Softeners offered by
Aqua Systems Tri-County are designed to last a lifetime.
All parts separate and swap out easily. You'll get much
more life out of a SmartChoice™ Water Softener than you
will any other appliance you will ever own.
Click here for video!Watch a video to learn more about the SmartChoice™ Water
Softener Advantage presented by Aqua Systems' founder Lou Petty.

There were three objectives in developing the SmartChoice™ system:

  • Move beyond the trend of disposable water softeners.
  • Deliver peak performance for years after the initial installation.
  • Build a system that works so well you'll forget it's there.

Aqua Systems has provided Tri County Water Equipment with a "break-through" quality system with a number of features:

  • Easily exchangeable components that separate.
  • No screws, bolts, or gaskets
  • Your choice of connection fittings
  • Non-corrosive materials on all parts
  • No batteries.
  • Controls that are separated from the salt tank.
  • Easy settings.
  • Regeneration based on water usage
  • Intelligent electronics that monitor water usage
  • Choice of designs for varying applications.
  • Easy, low cost service options
  • Only one moving part
  • Choice of salt tank sizes to fit most any space requirements.

Did we mention that the Warranty is the best in the business?

  • Five years on all parts.
  • Lifetime on both the Resin tank and the Brine tank.

And all SmartChoice™ water softeners installed by Aqua Systems Tri-County come with special installed package pricing that includes a 5-YEAR IN-HOME SERVICE POLICY.