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smartchoice™ gen II softeners

Rental UnitServiceable vs. Disposable

This could be the last system you’ll ever have to buy!

Many water conditioning systems on the market today are designed to be disposable, they just weren’t made to be economically serviced. The SmartChoice™ Gen II with easy and affordable maintenance solutions, was designed to be the last water conditioning appliance you may ever need. Although it may be years before the first service is required, this system offers you the ultimate in long-term care.

All components of the SmartChoice™ Gen II are easily separated and exchangeable with your dealer. You have the option of having one of our experienced technicians provide in-home service. With either choice, the exchangeable component program ensures precise results and low cost.

Smart Design Engineering

The SmartChoice™ Gen II continues to improve on past designs. Ultra low power consumption, maximized salt efficiency and an energy saving design are all a part of this innovative system. The SmartChoice™ Gen II is also a Smart Appliance. Advanced electronics provide extensive information about water usage, identify plumbing leaks and other uses that waste water and provide historical information logs on water-usage patterns. Other original features include:

  • Exchangeable components that separate easily
  • Lithium battery backup
  • Low salt alert (optional)
  • Failure to use salt alert (w/Low Salt Alert)
  • System malfunction alert
  • Non-corrosive materials on parts
  • Regeneration based on water usage
  • Easy, low cost service options
  • Vortech™ Technology
  • Industry Leading Warranty
Gen II

A better fit through more choices

The performance of a water softener is dependent on two key functions; a resin bed that cleans the water and precision equipment that cleans the resin. The three most significant elements that differentiate one softener from another are the volume of resin, the type of control valve, and the backwash system. SmartChoice™ Gen II Water Conditioners are available in different design groups*, each targeted to a specific application.

Resin Scrubber Vortec™ Design:
VT Models

VortechUnlike conventional distributors, the Vortech™ significantly improves the efficientcy of the system by reducing backwash rates by at least 30% and reducing pressure loss through the system up to 40%. The innovative design of the bottom plate achieves a much greater resin cleaning ability couples with lower waste use yet is gentle on the resin, thus extending its service life.

Vortech tanks are manufactured by ENPRESS LLC

Heavy Duty System Design:
Light Commercial Models

Light CommercialThe two most significant elements that differentiate light commercial softenerrs are the quality of the compnents and ease of use (setup and service). The Light Commercial (LC) is ideal for commercial or large restaurant application that require high flow rates. The LC line is suited for water from low to high hardness levels (1-80 grains).

In addition to these design groups, the SmartChoice™ Gen II can be custom tailored to fit many special needs. The SmartChoice™ Gen II also includes specialty filters to address specific problem water applications. Be sure to discuss any special circumstances with your Aqua Systems representative in order to ensure the right fit for your application.

* Please review the product data sheets for specifications for each of the SmartChoice™ Gen II design group.