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iron filtration

From Aqua Systems Tri-County: the SmartChoice™ Eradicator….the chemical-free solution for your toughest well water problems!

From rust stains in your sink, the hideous odor of sulfur every time you turn on the tap, your water problems can also cause damage to your fixtures, discolor your laundry, or create an unpleasant odor in the shower.

Now, with the SmartChoice™ Eradicator, solving the water problem no longer involves harsh chemicals. Now a chemical-free Air Induction Filter cleans the water!SmartChoice Filter

The SmartChoice™ Eradicator is natural oxidation technology. While cycling thru the eradicator, well water is oxidized without chemicals, air compressors, or aerators. It manages both heavy iron and sulfur water.

Aqua Systems Tri-County is proud to present the SmartChoice™ Eradicator from Aqua Systems to help solve your problems. You’ll find that the system is designed for high performance, long life, and trouble-free operation and maintenance.

SinkAll the components can be easily removed for efficient maintenance or replacement, even if your first service need is years away.

Remember, too, that high quality does not mean high price. All of the water filtration products from Aqua Systems Tri-County are backed by industry-leading warranties, reinforcing the quality and lasting value behind the Aqua Systems brand water treatment systems.

Call us today at Aqua Systems Tri-County at 688.1300 and we’ll make an appointment to come help solve your water problems and to see if the Aqua Systems SmartChoice™ Eradicator is the solution for you.