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Aqua Systems Tri-County is proud of our affiliation with Aqua Systems. Because of them, we're able to offer the finest products to go along with our terrific highly rated service!

Aqua Systems offers a number of videos, studies, etc., that may help you learn more about the Aqua Systems products from Tri-County Water Treatment.

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Aqua Systems   Videos

Water Softeners
Drinking Water
Bottled Water
Problem Water
The Aqua Systems Difference

In addition, Aqua Systems Tri-County provides this information from Aqua Systems about magnetic systems and why they don't work!

Magnetic, Electromagnetic, and other "No-Salt" Systems.  Do they work?

At Aqua Systems we have specialized in using proven technology since 1959. However, these "new" systems do not provide soft water, and the scientific proof of their effectiveness is absent.

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Penn State Study

Water Quality Association Task Force Report

Canadian Water Quality Association Statement

Fact, Fiction or Fantasy

Compare Water Softeners versus Electronic Water Conditioners